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Who Let the Dogs Out?

The annual Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show is doggie heaven!


If you're a dog lover (hey, who isn't!) and you've ever seen on TV the spectacle that is the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, you know how entertaining dog shows can be. Just seeing all the breeds of dogs and their unique personalities is a lot of fun. Of course, at the same time, while you're watching these immaculately groomed and well-behaved pooches on TV, you look down at your feet and see your own loved mutt and mumble, "How come you don't act and look like that?" Ah, we can always wish...

What's even better than watching a dog show on TV is to see one in person. Especially a large show, which includes all the AKC breeds. San Diego's annual dog spectacle, the Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show, sets up at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 25-26, 2012. And what better way to spend the weekend than to check out all the amazing breeds: small, large, huge, cute, ugly, prim, sloppy...but they're all lovable. And the best thing is that admission is free.

And that's what the Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show is all about - dog-lovers heaven. Just to see all the breeds of dogs in one place is great. And to watch all the dog handlers show one, two even three dogs at a time makes you appreciate the patience these devoted people have to training dogs. Just take the family and stroll through the exhibit areas with show rings lined up so you can check out different breeds showing at the same time. Better yet, stroll by the staging areas and watch the dogs get primped and pampered more than Jennifer Lopez! It makes me feel like a neglectful parent when it comes to brushing.

Anyway, we'll be able to see more Tibetan Terriers and Lhasa Apsos in one place than anywhere else. And we'll make a point to check out the Shih Tzus and Poodles now as well.

What: Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show
Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds
When: Saturday and Sunday Feb. 25-26, 2012
Time: All Day
Cost: Admission is Free (parking fee: $9)

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