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Top 10 San Diego County Fair Picks
Here are the About San Diego Guide's Top Picks on what to see and do at this year's San Diego County Fair.

Top 10 Top Places to Have a Kids' Birthday Party
Here's a guide to places in San Diegi where you can have your kid's birthday party.

Top 10 Dive Bars in San Diego
Call them dive bars or the corner tavern, San Diego has its share of local hangouts and everyone has their favorite. Here are this guide's choices for top dive bars in San Diego.

Top 6 Kid and Budget Friendly Educational Places in San Diego
Here are the top kid friendly museums around San Diego, both in activities and price.

Top 10 San Diego Sports Bars
If you're a sports fan, here are some of the best places to eat, drink and watch sports around San Diego.

Top 9 The Best Shopping Malls
The San Diego Guide's Top Picks for San Diego County Shopping Malls.

Top 10 San Diego Holiday Picks
Here are the San Diego guide's suggestions for some of the top picks for things to do in San Diego during the Christmas holiday season.

Top 9 Diner Dining in San Diego
Comfort food, breakfast at any time, late-night dining, cheap eats - sometimes you gotta have diner food. Here are my top picks for dining at diners in San Diego.

Top 10 Autumn Activities in San Diego
The weather cools down in autumn, and it's a perfect time to enjoy what San Diego has to offer. Here are some suggestions for autumn activities in San Diego.

Top 6 Panoramic Views In San Diego County
San Diego County has some stunning topography. So where are the best places to take in these views? Preferably free? Here are my best bets for the top panoramic views in San Diego County.

Top 9 San Diego's Top Concert Venues
From intimate to arena-size, San Diego has a wide variety of concert venues to choose from. Here's our guide's top picks to see live performances in and around San Diego.

Top 6 Indian Casinos in the San Diego County Area
San Diego County is probably the Indian Casino capital of California, if not the nation. Here are my top picks for casinos nearby when the gaming bug hits you.

Top 8 San Diego Summer Family Fun
We're approaching the start of summer time, and families are starting to plan their summer fun in San Diego. Our San Diego Guide points you in the right direction with his top picks for family amusement entertainment.

Top 9 Comic-Con Survival Tips
Going to San Diego Comic-Con? Here are some survival tips to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Top 7 Ways to Stay Cool In San Diego
San Diego has a well-deserved reputation for its nearly perfect weather, but there are a few weeks out of the year where we have to endure scorching temperatures. Here are some suggestions for staying cool in San Diego.

Top 10 Best Suburbs in San Diego County
San Diego is a place of suburbs and bedroom communities. Here are some of the best places to live in the county.

Top 10 Lakes for Fishing in San Diego County
Here's a rundown and listing of the top freshwater lakes for fishing in San Diego County.

Top 10 Places To Sing Karaoke Around San Diego
Looking for a place to show your vocal stuff? Head to a karaoke bar and make like American Idol. Here are some of the top places in San Diego to do that karaoke thing.

Top 10 "Gotta Do's" When You Visit San Diego
If you're visitng San Diego from someplace else, there are certain things you just "gotta do" while you're in town. Here are my suggestions on what to do when you visit San Diego.

Top 10 Stories Around and About San Diego in 2005
For better or for worse, here are the stories that made news in San Diego this year.

Top 7 Big Box Shopping Centers Around San Diego
Every suburb has one and they're distinguished by the "big box" stores that are the main tenants. Her's your guid to the top big bix shopping centers around San Diego.

Top 10 Top San Diego Urban Neighborhoods
San Diego isn't known as a city of neighborhoods, but they do exist in this bastion of suburbia. Here are the top urban neighborhoods in the city of San Diego.

Top 7 San Diego's Most Romantic Spots
San Diego has plenty of spots to show a little romance, and it doesn't have to cost a lot to go. Find out where the top spots are to go for a little romance in San Diego.

Top 6 San Diego Headlines In 2004
San Diego had its share of newsmaking events in 2004, many of which we hope to never see again. But it's now a new year and life goes on. Here's a recap of what I felt were the top events and stories for San Diego in 2004.

Top 5 Best Bets for the Week of April 30 - May 6, 2004
Here are the best bets and top picks for events around San Diego for the week of April 30 to May 6, 2004

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