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San Diego is Super!
Super Bowl XXXVII is coming to San Diego
It's arguably the biggest media event in the world, and absolutely the biggest annual sporting event. It's the Super Bowl, of course, and this year's event to crown the National Football League's world champion is coming to San Diego. Yep, the XXXVII (that's 37th for all of you Roman Numerically impaired) edition of pro football's biggest game comes to Qualcomm Stadium on January 26, 2003 for the third time as America's Finest City becomes America's Super City.
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Of course, unless you are one of the well-heeled or well-connected, attending a Super Bowl these days is about as realistic as winning the lotto. That's because not only has the Super Bowl become one of the great spectator events and annual rituals for Americans, it has also become the premier event for corporations to entertain and/or reward their most important clients. With such high demand and with ticket prices for Super Bowl XXXVII (gotta use the Roman Numerals!) retailing at $400 and $500 each and the relatively small 70,000 capacity of Qualcomm Stadium...well, you can do the math. In fact, the NFL says they could probably sell 200,000 tickets for this year's game if there were a facility that size.

But that's not to say the Super Bowl is a stuffy event played in front of privileged bigwigs or season ticket holders from the representative teams. Oh, no. Super Bowl Sunday has become the penultimate day for Americans to gather together and throw a big ol' neighborhood party. Notice that I didn't say "for football fans to gather together" -- because for many, the Super Bowl is probably the only football game of the year that they'll even bother with. In fact, you can argue that for most people who attend a Super Bowl party, it's not about (forgive me Paul Tagliabue) the football game, but about getting together with friends. Oh, yeah, and the guacamole, food and drink. And those commercials.

Here's a test: Who were the two teams in Super Bowl XXXVI and who won? Uh huh, thought so. But I bet you still remember the Britney Spears Pepsi commercial, right? I rest my case.

Whatever your predilections, if you're a sports fan, then San Diego is the place to be for the week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, January 26. Whether you're a resident or one of the visitors who gets to root for your competing team (which will not be the host city team, no surprise), San Diego, the NFL and the Super Bowl Host Committee has a whole slew of activities planned to show off our city.


Even if you won't be anywhere near The Q on Super Bowl Sunday, you'll still be able to get a taste for what pro football is all about with the 12th annual America Online Presents the NFL Experience at Super Bowl XXXVII. Held at the Embarcadero Marina Park South, the NFL Experience is the most exciting continuous event surrounding Super Bowl XXXVII -- an interactive theme park offering participating games, displays and entertainment attractions for the whole family. Measure your passing accuracy, kicking distance and other skills in participatory competitions. Try your hand at play-by-play calling some of the most exciting moments in NFL history (a personal favorite). Attend clinics from the experts and get autographs from the greatest NFL stars. The NFL Experience has just about something for every football fan.

Other Super Events

A number of other Super Bowl host committee-sanctioned events will also be taking place throughout Super Bowl week. From festivities in the Union-Tribune Super Hub in downtown San Diego, to the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade, to Super Days in Balboa Park, to the largest fireworks show ever in San Diego, Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego promises to be the best ever. Oh, yeah, and then there's the little matter of the game itself...

~Inigo Figuracion

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