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Victorian Period Architecture (1840-1900) - About.com
You know your house is a Victorian...but, what style is it? This handy guide to Victorian house styles has facts and photos.
Folk Victorian House Style - Architecture - About.com
Is your house a "Folk Victorian"? Learn how to identify the style and explore vernacular home styles from the Victorian era.
Queen Anne Architecture - Victorian Houses in the US
The phrase Queen Anne suggests British royalty, but don't be confused! Here are facts about a popular American architecture during the Victorian era.
Victorian Stick House Style - Architecture - About.com
Learn more about Victorian "Stick" architecture and find out how to identify a Stick Style house.
"Italianate" Architecture, History and Description
The Italianate house style, suggesting the romantic villas of Renaissance Italy, are the most popular homes built during the Victorian era.
Guide to San Francisco Victorian Architecture and "Painted Ladies"
Guide to seeing San Francisco Victorian houses - where to go, tours, famous movie and TV locations, Postcard Row.
Pictures and History of Gothic Revival Architecture
Join us for a photo tour of Gothic Revival architecture in England and the United States. ... John Ruskin · Victorian Architecture · Victorian Shingle Style.
Victorian Second Empire Architecture - About.com
Explore Victorian Second Empire architecture and learn how to distinguish the style.
Italian Architecture - How to Identify Italian Style Houses Video
With a style borrowed from villas in Italy, the Victorian architectural style known as Italianate has very distinct features. Learn what to observe when looking at an ...
Queen Anne Style - Fanciful Homes in Victorian America - Architecture
Impressive details give these Victorian houses a regal air. Now wonder they're called Queen Anne! Learn about the Queen Anne style.
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