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San Diego's Best Vinyl Record Stores - About.com
Where to find vintage vinyl records and just plain cool music? San Diego still has a few actual record stores.
Top USB Turntables - Transfer Vinyl Records to MP3s - Digital Music
A USB turntable is a simple and effective solution for the average home user who wishes to make a digital audio archive (MP3, AAC, etc.) of their vinyl records.
Vinyl records and art - Classic Rock - About.com
The role of album cover art in the hobby of collecting vinyl records.
How to Digitize Vinyl Records and Tapes - Stereos - About.com
The process of converting vinyl LP records and tapes from analog to digital is known as 'digitizing' and is done in real time. Digitizing analog music requires ...
Do you still play vinyl records? Share your experiences....
Turntable Keep On Spinnin' - The Revival of the Turntable and Vinyl Record. Are your old vinyl records collecting dust? Don't throw them away, play them on a ...
Preserving Vinyl Records On CD - Home Theater - About.com
I love my Vinyl Record collection. I love my 15 year old Technics SL-QD33(k) Direct Drive Turntable. Its Audio Technica PT-600 Cartridge has served me very ...
Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records - Stereos - About.com
Once considered a part of analog history, vinyl records are experiencing a surging comeback in popularity. So much so that vinyl music sales jumped 35% in ...
About Classic Rock | Collecting Vinyl Records
CDs and MP3s have long since eclipsed vinyl albums as the preferred medium for music. But much of what is considered Classic Rock was originally released ...
Best CD Recorders and CD Recording Systems - Home Theater
With its very straightforward operation, the CDRW890 definitely deserves consideration for those copying from CD, Cassette, or vinyl record source material.
Vinyl Record Flowers - Submit an Entry: Publish Your Craft Projects
Crystal shares these directions for making flowers out of old records.
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