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About San Diego Profile: Turf Supper Club


What Is It?:

This retro hipster bar in the middle of Golden Hill is about as cool as it gets. The Turf Supper Club had become rundown until a few years back when new ownership rejuvenated and renovated this classic neighborhood bar back to its '50s glory.

Dive Factor:

The Turf Club may have been renovated and christened by the hipster crowd, but its essence is still dive. Neighborhood haunt, naugahyde booths, dark, cool jukebox selection - it has it all.

What Makes It So Cool?:

The communal barbecue grill. Yep, it's fix-your-own supper at the Turf Supper Club. A grill sits in the middle of the small dining area, you make a selection from the menu, and your uncooked chicken, steak or seafood is brought to you. Slap it on the grill, hang out and don't blame the chef. It's quite fun, the dinner prices are cheap, and the steaks are actually very good cuts. You have to experience it.

Drink Factor:

Full bar, with good bartenders. The mixed drinks are cheap and potent.

Music Factor:

There's a small piano where singers entertain. The jukebox has one of the coolest selections around - that's your clue to the hip factor, right?

Your Guide's Take:

The Turf Club has the dive vibe and the cool factor down, but if you're not into the hipster scene, then weekend evenings can get awfully crowded (it's not a big place). Best bet is to hit the bar early in the evening on weeknights, it's not as frenzied, with more locals, and it'll be easier to cook your meat on the small grill.

Turf Supper Club
1116 25th St. Golden Hill
San Diego, CA 92102

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