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San Diego's Food Trucks Dishing Up Fine Sidewalk Dining

No reservations are needed for these gastropubs on wheels.


Food trucks. Gastro trucks. trucks. Mobile street food. Call them what you want, but don't call them roach coaches. Because gourmet food trucks are about the hottest trend in restaurants right now. Food trucks (or carts) have been around forever (ever eat a delicious sidewalk meal in Manhattan?), but the ante has been upped in cities like New York and Los Angeles - fresh ingredients, imaginative menus, and social media are driving food truck food to new heights. San Diego has its share of gourmet food trucks, and here are some of the best in town. Follow their Twitter feeds for up-to-minute locations.

Miho Gastrotruck

MIHO Gastrotruck uses fresh, local, and thoughtfully-sourced ingredients to create hand-crafted street food that is affordable, convenient, and delicious. The owners truly care about this kind of food, and hope to share that love with their community of followers. Menu items run the ge of grass fed bruschetta burger, a free range roasted chicken club with Duroc bacon and Belgian style fries.

Tabe BBQ

San Diego's Premiere Asian Fusion Mobile Cuisine. Gourmet Asian Fusion tacos that won't break your wallet. Chef Todd Ichinaga and his partners Matthew and Rich have much to offer San Diego w/their mouth watering gourmet tacos. Check out their menu for delicious Asian Fusion dishes that are affordable and fun. Follow Tabe on Twitter to see where they will be next - or visit their website for an updated schedule.

Super Q

Super Q Food Truck is a relatively new food truck that brings to San Diego the the best hickory smoked good BBQ this side of the Mississippi! All-American BBQ with elements of North Carolina, Texas and St. Louis style flavors and influence. Slow hickory smoked bbq is prepared at Kaminskis BBQ & Sports Lounge in Poway. Signature sandwich is the brisket or pulled pok with macaroni and cheese - sinfully delicious. The truck has been hitting the streets near SAIC, General Atomics and Sony Electronics during the week as well as in North Park near the Office in the evenings.

Joes on the Nose

OK, so Joes on the Nose serves mostly beverages, but this mobile coffee shop and smoothie bar presaged the other food trucks and has been a regular at the farmers markets in Normal Heights, Little Italy and Hillcrest. Hip and cool creative drinks like the Horchata Latte and the Flaming Chocolate make it worth a visit. From Orange Organic Coffee Trucks to Beautiful Organic Espresso Bars, from Farmers' Markets to Corporate Catering to Unicorns, Joes on the Nose wants to hug each and every one of you. In a non-creepy way, that is.

Marisco's German Taco Truck 3

No website. No twitter feed. Marisco's Taco Trucks have been around town forever (don't ask me why it says Marisco's German), but of all the traditional taco trucks that hit the streets and construction sites, Marisco's gets the raves. If you see a handwritten sign that says "99 cent fish tacos" - then do yourself a favor and stop. Nothing gourmet or hip and trendy here - just good, solid Mexican street food to eat hunched over the hood of your car. The #3 truck is usually found around 35th and University in City Heights - others are found in the urban neighborhoods of San Diego.

Chop Sooey

Chop Sooey the brainchild of Chef Deborah Scott and Cohn Restaurants.You might say it is the acclaimed Chef Scott's alter-ego and at night the truck roams the streets of downtown San Diego looking for hungry piglets to feed. The “Pig Rig” has all kinds of things for you to try. Like the slow roasted Carnitas tacos with radish and slaw, or how ‘bout some bacon covered curly tail fires dripping with blue cheese so thick you’ll feel like you “need to take a shower” after you eat them.

Curiocity Catering

Curiocity Catering supports local farms and farmers’ markets and is dedicated to using seasonal, sustainable and organic ingredients. Jason McAllister (Owner/Operator, Curiocity) and Antonio Friscia(Executive Chef, Stingaree,Campine) have worked together for the last 5 years and have teamed up to create a diverse, mouth watering menu focused on locally grown and produced ingredients. The menu will change seasonally as well span different ethnic cuisines.

Jack's Munchie Mobile

Jack's Munchie Moble

After 60 years of serving guests driving to and through Jack in the Box® restaurants, Jack in the Box introduces its first ever mobile food truck, Jack's Munchie Mobile. Not a gourmet truck in any respect, the Munchie Mobile serves up a variety of JIB favorites - from Jumbo Jack® and Spicy Chicken Sandwich® to the infamous tacos. The difference is Jack's irreverent reputation - it's doubtful the late-night hipster crowd would be as receptive to Ronald McDonald. It will also be stationed in areas like the Gaslamp Quarter where nightclub and bar patrons looking for a quick bite to eat can grab a Jumbo Jack up until 2 a.m. Why not, right?

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is one of the first gourmet food trucks in San Diego. According to owner Chris Saint,  Sweet Treats offers two ways of getting your sugar fix in San Diego:  a hip, sleek, Ice Cream Truck that caters to the young at heart. bringing back the childhood memory of chasing after the old ice cream truck with money in your hand to buy. The Gourmet Dessert truck has custom cabinets and granite countertops, and even have a flat screen TV in the truck to keep you entertained while you enjoy your treat. From cookies, brownies & cupcakes; to cheesecakes, tiramisu, chocolate bombs, chocolate covered bacon, strawberries, Twinkies. It's definitely not your typical ice cream truck or candy cart.

Flippin’ Pizza

Hand-tossed New York-style pies & slices. No added oil, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup. NO KIDDING! So good, it's always in your face (seriously). Flippin' Pizza is actually a national pizza chain with restaurants in a number of states. The food trucks hit special events and work out of the local stores.


It's the food truck you watched on the Food Network's "Great Food Truck Race." Devilicious Food Truck...Food so Good, It's Bad. Devilicious is a San Diego based food truck that serves delicious madness for the mind. Kristina Repp and Dyan Huffman are serving up gourmet sandwiches like butter-poached lobster grilled cheese, smoked bacon dog with habanero kim chee, mango smoked pork with mango cucumber tzatziki wrap, angus burger in handcrafted foccacia. Sounds devilish.

Food Junkies

Food Junkies primarily does catering for special events but on occassion you can find the truck hitting the streets around town.

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