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San Diego Profile: Dudley's Bakery


What is Dudley's Bakery?:

Dudley's Bakery is a beloved bakery in eastern San Diego County, famous for its loaves of artisan bread for which people travel long distances to buy and consume. The bread and pastries sold at Dudley's are all baked on the premises, where visitors can purchase the baked goods. There is also a sandwich deli, as well as a small gift shop located at Dudely's. Quality, taste, uniqueness, and freshness have always been the hallmark of Dudley's Bakery.

What is the story behind Dudley's Bakery?:

Dudley's Bakery was founded in 1963 by the late Mr. Dudley Pratt. At the time, Mr. Pratt was a 53-year old expert baker who had previously operated a bakery in El Cajon, California. When he decided to build a new bakery in Santa Ysabel in the San Diego back country, he met a lot of skepticism from those who thought the bakery was just "too far away." He ignored the naysayers (Pratt died in 1973) and the bakery has thrived for nearly 50 years.

Where is Dudley's Bakery located?:

Dudley's Bakery is located in Santa Ysabel, at the intersection of State Routes 78 and 79. It attracts travelers on their way to and from Borrego Springs, the desert, Julian, and Mount Laguna. The bakery sits in a picturesque valley of grasslands where cattle roam - and it's probably the last place you would expect to find a busy bakery.

What makes Dudley's Bakery so special?:

According to their website, Dudley's bread was inspired largely by the travels of Dudley Pratt, who would close the store for 2 months every summer and explore Europe. He would search for unique and delicious breads at bakeries, cafes and fairs, adapt and perfect them, and then make them available to his customers. Dudley's produces around 24 different types of breads, such as the popular flavors date nut raisin, cheddar cheese, jalapeno cheddar, Irish potato, and more. Their famous fruit bars and other pastries are also available at Dudley's.

What else is there to know about Dudley's breads?:

The breads at Dudley's are only made with 100% wheat flour, and the ingredients are always fresh and never frozen. Dudley's Bakery produces thousands of loaves per day, and many of the breads can be found at many stores across San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles counties, including Henry’s, Sprouts and Costco. But if you want the bread at its freshest, you need to make a trek to the bakery itself. But beware - depending on the traffic and time of day, some of your favorites might be sold out, which happens with the fruit bars and cheddar cheese breads. he bread can freeze and last up to six months.

Essential Dudley's Bakery info:

Location: 30218 state Route 78, Santa Ysabel, CA 92070 New Hours: Monday 9am-1pm, Thursday through Sunday 8am-5pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Information: dudleysbakery.com or (760) 765-0488.
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