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Spring Break and Easter in San Diego

Things to do around and about San Diego for Easter and Spring Break


Spring Break and Easter are some of the best times to experience what San Diego has to offer: the winter rains are winding down, the days stay light longer, the air is nice and warm but not hot, and everything is blooming and turning green. Here are a few suggestions on things to do around and about San Diego for Easter and Spring Break.

Enjoy the View

San Diego is blessed with interesting topography - beaches, mountains, canyons. Springtime is a great time when you can take in the breathtaking views and get a sense of "where is where." Best of all, it costs nothing, or very little, for the experience. A ride out to Cabrillo National Monument, Mount Soledad or Mount Helix on Easter Sunday to take in the panoramic views is a great way to reflect on how lucky we are to live in San Diego.

Easter Sunrise Service

Speaking of panoramic views, there are two places in the county that are popular and traditional spots for Easter sunrise services: Mount Soledad and Mount Helix.

Stroll the Flower Fields

What better way to mark Easter and spring than walking through acres of colorful flowers. Ranunculus are the flowers that are produced at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, which were started by Edwin Frazee and his family. And March and April are the months when these Tecolote ranunculus, with its rose-like petals come into full bloom. The ranunculus splash the hillsides in a rainbow of colors ranging from reds, oranges, whites, pinks and yellows. These two and a half months in spring are when the fields are open to the public, although the farm is a 12-month operation. The Carlsbad Flower Fields opened last weekend and will remain open to the public through May 11.

Enjoy Easter Dinner

Easter is a good excuse to where your Sunday best to brunch or dinner. If you don't have a usual place to go, or don't head to the family's to eat, then OpenTable.com is the next best thing. Choose from some of San Diego's finest restaurants and reserve your reservation online - many of these establishments serve up special Easter brunch, lunch or dinner menus.

Hit the Beach

If anything marks Spring Break in San Diego, it is heading to the beach. Sure, the water might still be a bit too cold to take a dip, but springtime is still a great time to hit the sand. Just remember, though, that the new alcohol ban recently took effect: no longer are you allowed to consume alcohol on any of the city's (and most of the county's) beaches. Yep, a few spoiled apples have ruined it for the bunch of us abiding citizens. But the beach is still a good time.

Check out the Desert Wildflowers

We've had some decent rain this year, and when that happens, the desert wildflowers have a chance to bloom. And that means springtime is a good time to head out to the Anza-Borrego Desert. Take the scenic drive down the steep grade to the desert floor and you're in a whole different world of stark desert life. Head into the town of Borrego Springs - about the only place left in San Diego County where housing is affordable. Of course, it also gets to 110 degrees in the summer.

Visit the San Diego Zoo

Now what makes going to the San Diego Zoo any different during Easter and Spring Break any different than other times of the year? Well, spring is also the time when many animals give birth, so heading to the Zoo gives you a chance to see baby animals in all their innocence.

Go Fishing

Spring is when fishing season opens at San Diego County lakes, and with the cool, clean, weather, it is a great time for the family to hit our local lakes. One of the best places to experience spring fishing is to head up to Lake Cuyamaca in the Laguna Mountains - it's the county's only true cold water lake and in spring, it's stocked with feisty trout, prefect for fly fishing. If you're a kid, then head to urban Chollas Lake - fishing is open only to youngsters and is a great way to acquaint them to outdoor recreation.

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