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About San Diego Profile: San Diego Trolley


What is it?:

The San Diego Trolley is a light-rail public transportation system serving greater San Diego. It consists of three lines: Blue Line, Orange Line and Green Line, and is distinguished by its 134 bright red, electric powered trains.

The Trolley's history:

The light rail system began operations with the first (Blue) line running from downtown south to the International Border. The east (Orange) line began in 1986, extending to El Cajon in 1989, the Bayside in 1990, and Santee in 1995. The Blue line extended to Mission Valley in 1997, and in 2005, the line extended all the way to Grossmont Center and renamed the Green line.

How long is the Trolley system?:

The Trolley's three routes cover 51.1 miles.

How many stations are there?:

There are 53 stations in the Trolley system. Major bus routes serve the major Trolley transit centers.

Is there parking at all trolley stations?:

In the downtown core, there are paid parking lots near all stations. In suburban areas, most (but not all) have free available parking. There are also 18,000 spaces at Qualcomm Stadium, available during non-event days.

What does it cost to ride?:

Fares to ride the Trolley are self-serve, meaning you buy your tickets from kiosks. One-way adult fare is $2.50, there is no round-trip fare. Instead, single day trip fares are $5 for unlimited rides. There are no gates or turnstiles to board the Trolleys, but transit police do patrol for random fare inspection, so make sure you have valid tickets or you will be thrown off at the next stop.

Do people really use the Trolley?:

They sure do, even in car-centric San Diego. Over 110,000 riders use th Trolley system daily. On special event days, such as Chargers or Padres games, ridership spikes as high as 225,000 per day.

Are the Trolleys wheelchair accessible?:

Yes. The older cars have wheelchair lifts. The newer cars, primarily on the Green Line, have ground level ramps.

How often do the Trolley's run?:

On all lines, the Trolleys run every 15 minutes, seven days a week. They run every 30 minutes late night and on weekend mornings and evenings. In addition, the Blue line runs every 7 minutes during weekeday rush hours.

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