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San Diego: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Best Suburbs Where You Can Live in San...
San Diego is a place of suburbs and bedroom communities. Here are some of the best places to live in the county.
The Best Places For You to Go Shopping in San...
The San Diego Guide's Top Picks for San Diego County Shopping Malls.
10 Indian Casinos Worth Visiting in the San...
San Diego County is probably the Indian Casino capital of California, if not the nation. Here are my top picks for casinos nearby when the gaming bug hits you.
The 10 Best Lakes for Fishing in San Diego
Here's a rundown and listing of the top freshwater lakes for fishing in San Diego County.
Save Money in San Diego by Shopping at These...
San Diego County has a number of outlet shopping centers that feature big name merchandise and discount prices.
San Diego County Mandatory Water Restrictions
Mandatory water restrictions from the San Diego County Water Authority.
Things You Must Do When You Visit San Diego
If you're visiting San Diego for the first time, you'll realize there is so much to do. So, how do you
The Top 10 Romantic Spots in San Diego
San Diego has plenty of spots to show a little romance, and it doesn't have to cost a lot to go. Find out where the top romantic spots are in San Diego.
Discover San Diego's Best Places to Throw a...
Here's a guide to places in San Diego where you can have your kid's birthday party.
Hidden San Diego: The Legend of the Munchkin...
One of San Diego's longest-standing urban legends is the story that a midget - or munchkin - colony of homes existed somewhere near La Jolla. It may be an urban legend, but it's a pretty good story anyway.
The Best Places to Visit For the Day In and...
Here is a list of fun and interesting places around San Diego to visit on a day trip.
12 Coolest Hidden Places to See in San Diego
San Diego has a lot of unique and interesting hidden places that might be unknown to the population at large, but they are well worth discovering. Discover some of the best of Hidden San Diego right here.
Get Acquainted with San Diego's Best Shopping...
The class of San Diego malls, Fashion Valley has arguably the best of the upscale stores. Nordstrom, JC Penney, Macy's, Nieman Marcus and the new Bloomingdale's anchor this well appointed two-level outdoor mall.
6 Best Panoramic Views in San Diego County
San Diego County has some stunning topography. So where are the best places to take in these views? Preferably free? Here are my best bets for the top panoramic views in San Diego County.
A Gardener's Guide to the Best Nurseries in San...
Here are my picks for the best garden nurseries in San Diego County.
Free Things to Do Around and About San Diego
San Diego has lots of things to do for free, and some of it is right in front of our eyes
Best of San Diego: Point Loma
Point Loma is a neighborhood of San Diego with diverse geography and lifestyles. It is one of the most scenic areas in the city where outdoor activites abound.
Flying Leathernecks Museum in Mira Mar
Have you been to the Flying Leathernecks Aviation Museum in Mira Mar yet? If not, read why you should go
The Carlsbad Flower Fields
The colorful Carlsbad Flower Fields are an annual rite of spring.
San Diego for Father's Day
Wondering what to do with Dad this Father's Day in San Diego? Here are a few ideas that are sure to make your father have a fun, happy day.
Vintana Restaurant in Escondido
Vintana Wine + Dine in Escondido has become one of my new favorite places to eat in North County San Diego. Wondering why? Read my review on the restaurant.
Special Tours at the San Diego Zoo
This summer, experience the iconic San Diego Zoo a bit different with one of the zoo's special tours.
Sign Up Your Kids for a Safari Park Summer Camp
Need a fun, interesting way to entertain the kids this summer? Sign then up for a summer camp at the Safari Park in Escondido where kids will get hands-on
See Grunions Run!
Along southern California’s sandy beaches, from March through September, one of the most remarkable life cycles in the sea is completed; the California grunion comes ashore to spawn. Grunion hunting has become one of the famous sports of southern California.
San Diego's Best Record Stores
Where to find vintage vinyl records and just plain cool music? San Diego still has a few actual record stores.
San Diego's Best Bars For Live Music
Where can you have a drink and enjoy live music in San Diego? Here are some of the best bars and coffee houses to see and hear live music in San Diego.
Your Guide to San Diego's Urban Neighborhoods
San Diego isn't known as a city of neighborhoods, but they do exist in this bastion of suburbia. Here are the top urban neighborhoods in San Diego.
The Beach Neighborhoods of San Diego County
San Diego's coastal beach communities not only are scenic, but they are genuine neighborhoods with their own personalities.
8 Places to Camp in San Diego
San Diego has a number of campgrounds within its urban areas where you can easily enjoy the great outdoors.
The Best Picnic Spots Around San Diego
Some of the best places to have a picnic in San Diego and nearby enjoy some of the most scenic locales, even in an area of the country known for its beauty.
Best Mother's Day Brunch Spots in San Diego
Things to do and places to see - where to take mother on Mother's Day in San Diego.
The Top 'Top Gun' Locations in San Diego
On May 16, 1986, Paramount released Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and it instantly became a cultural phenomenon. Arguably one of the most beloved summer escapist movies ever, it catapulted Cruise to superstar icon, and featured the likes of Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan, and Tom Skerritt in their youthful prime. Most of the film was shot in San Diego at many recognizable locations.
About San Diego Profile: Hiking Cowles Mountain
At 1,592 feet, Cowles Mountain is the highest point in the city of San Diego.
Top 10 Reasons to Live in San Diego
San Diego is the land of surf and sun and its culture and ambiance inspire many people to relocate. Here are the top 10 reasons to live in San Diego.
The Best Public Golf Courses in San Diego
San Diego is home to a wonderful selection of golf courses. Here are the best public golf courses for the value in San Diego County.
Hidden San Diego: Free Tuesdays in Balboa Park
Did you know you can take in the museums and galleries in Balboa Park for free? As a service to the public, each Tuesday of the month offers free admission to Balboa Park venues, on a rotating basis.
Hiking Mt Woodson to Potato Chip Rock in Poway
One of the most iconic landmarks in San Diego County is Potato Chip Rock and you can reach it by hiking up Mt Woodson in Poway. Tips for hiking it...
Your Guide to San Diego's 6 Fishing Piers
San Diego's ocean fishing piers are great places to stroll, admire the local coastline, and of course, do some fishing. Here's a list of our local San Diego coastal piers.
Discover San Diego's Best Breweries and...
San Diego has a thriving and well-regarded microbrewery community. Here is a roundup of San Diego's microbreweries by Local Wally's San Diego Brewery Guide.
About San Diego Profile - Julian
Julian is 60 miles northeast of San Diego situated between the northern end of the Cuyamaca Mountains and the southern slope of Volcan Mountain, west the Anza Borrego desert.
Top 7 Places To Sing Karaoke Around San Diego
Looking for a place to show your vocal stuff? Head to a karaoke bar and make like American Idol. Here are some of the top places in San Diego to do that karaoke thing.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: North Park
North Park is the most sprawling of San Diego's urban neighborhoods.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Hillcrest
New York has Greenwich Village. San Francisco has the Castro. Vancouver has the West End. And San Diego has Hillcrest, our closest thing to a diverse, lively, hip and colorful neighborhood. This gay-friendly 'hood just north of Balboa Park is a mix of apartments and bungalows mixed with a pedestrian-friendly business district.
The Best Places to Go Shopping in San Diego
Here are some of the best places to do your shopping in San Diego.
Leashless In San Diego
A list San Diego's most popular dog-friendly, off-leash parks, beaches and open spaces toallow your dog to be a dog.
DYK: Cabrillo National Monument
Did you know Cabrillo National Monument receives the most visitors?
San Diego Shopping: Westfield Horton Plaza
Horton Plaza's construction in the mid-1980s jump-started the Gaslamp renaissance. Its multi-level, somewhat confusing whimsical architecture is a must-see for any San Diego visitor.
Otay Ranch Town Center: San Diego's Newest...
Otay Ranch Town Center, located in Chula Vista, is San Diego's newest and first regional shopping mall to open in 20 years.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Mission Hills
Mission Hills is an older neighborhood in central San Diego.
San Diego Farmers' Markets (cont.)
Not only can farmers' markets be found almost every day of the week throughout San Diego county, but they’re also a year-round occurrence (ah, the beauty of perfect weather). But it’s during spring and summer when you find the local bumper crops of fruits, vegetables and flowers grown by San Diego and California farmers. Page 2.
The San Diego Zoo sets the standard for zoos.
The 100-acre San Diego Zoo is home to over 4,000 rare and endangered animals representing more than 800 species and subspecies, and a prominent botanical collection with more than 700,000 exotic plants. It is located just north of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park.
What Cool Concerts Are Coming to San Diego?
Here's a month-by-month listing of live concerts and shows throughout San Diego. Find out which artists are playing concerts in San Diego.
Discover San Diego: The Top 10 Places to...
With so many things to see in Balboa Park, where do you start? Here are the top 10 places to discover in San Diego's Balboa Park.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: University...
University Heights is a neighborhood in San Diego.
Classic Car Cruising in San Diego
What better way to spend a warm summer evening in San Diego than to cruise a classic car show?
Guide Review: Petco Park
Petco Park is the new ballpark home of the San Diego Padres. It is located in the East Village area of downtown San Diego, a couple of blocks east of the Gaslamp District, the city's dining and nightlife mecca.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: City Heights
City Heights is a large neighborhood in the eastern part of city of San Diego with an ethnically diverse population.
San Diego Trolley Stations
Riding the bright red San Diego Trolley system is a great way to get around San Diego and see its diversity. Here are some of the trolley stops where you'll want to get off and explore the surrounding neighborhoods.
About La Jolla: Living in La Jolla
All about living in La Jolla: The neighborhood of La Jolla is home to one of the most stunning pieces of coastline in all of California. That scenery
Take In San Diego's Theme and Amusement Parks
San Diego has its share of popular theme and amusement parks, like the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Legoland and more. Here is a roundup of San Diego amusement parks.
April Means It's Time For ArtWalk
ArtWalk is San Diego's largest urban arts festival. Hundreds of local and national artists show and sell their creations in a variety of media including paint, sculpture, dance, photography, digital imagery, architecture and design.
Whale Watching in San Diego
San Diego is whale watching territory. Here's the lowdown on seeing these majestic creatures of the sea.
San Diego On A Budget
Here are some suggestions to make your dollars stretch and still enjoy things around San Diego.
Hidden San Diego: Galleta Meadows Estate...
Galleta Meadows Estate is located in the desert of Borrego Springs and features the massive steel sculptures of prehistoric animals and serpents.
Where to Eat in Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach (OB) is a relaxed beach community located in San Diego. From fish tacos to pho to French cuisine, here are the best places to eat in OB.
Best Areas to Find Asian Restaurants and Food...
San Diego has a number of areas where there is a concentration of Asian restaurants and food markets. Here are areas around San Diego County where you can eat and shop for Asian food.
Hidden San Diego: Coronado Sand Dunes
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Hidden San Diego
San Diego Grocery Guide
A supermarket's a supermarket, you say? Not in the highly competitive Southern California marketplace, where you have megastores that offer banking, dry cleaning, Starbucks and, oh yeah, food. Here's a subjective rundown of what you'll likely find here in town.
Top 13 Comic-Con Survival Tips
Going to San Diego Comic-Con? Here are some survival tips to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
About San Diego Profile: Point Loma Tide Pools
The Point Loma tide pools at Cbrillo National Monument offer a glimpse into the ocean life of the ecosystem and its tidal creatures.
4 San Diego Sites New Visitors Can't Miss
Here is a list of places to take guests visiting San Diego for the first time to make it easy for you to show newbies around your hometown...
12 Best Holiday Activities in San Diego
Here are the San Diego guide's suggestions for some of the top picks for things to do in San Diego during the Christmas holiday season.
Top 9 San Diego's Top Concert Venues
From intimate to arena-size, San Diego has a wide variety of concert venues to choose from. Here's our guide's top picks to see live performances in and around San Diego.
San Diego's Worst Traffic Bottlenecks
Here are the top traffic bottlenecks in San Diego County as compiled by INRIX.
San Diego Shopping: Mission Valley Center
Westfield's Mission Valley Center is an older mall located in San Diego's Mission Valley.
Did you know who named San Diego?
Do you know where San Diego got it's name?
Hidden San Diego: the Scripps Turd sculpture
Egyptian-born and Oxford-educated British artist William Tucker created his bronze cast Okeanos from a plaster model he created in 1987 and 1988. Originally placed in front of the Green Hospital and unveiled in 1988, the artwork was commissioned in honor of Frank J. Dixon, director of the institute for 25 years.
Mission Beach in San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight
With a surfer vibe permeating the beach and fun bars in the Belmont Park area of Mission Beach, the Mission Beach neighborhood in San Diego has an...
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach is San Diego's funky beach community that best exemplifies the characteristics of San Diego's urban neighborhoods.
Take in the View Atop San Diego's Mountain Peaks
San Diego's topography lends itself to publicly accessible mountains and peaks. Here are some of the more popular mountain peaks in San Diego County.
The 13 Best Museums in San Diego
San Diego has some very interesting and unique museums. Here is a sampling of some of the best museums in San Diego County.
9 Best Sports Bars in San Diego
If you're a sports fan, here are some of the best places to eat, drink and watch sports around San Diego.
Be Prepared: Living in Earthquake Country
Living in San Diego means you need to be prepared for the inevitable earthquake. Here are some tips to stay prepared.
About San Diego Profile: Hotel del Coronado
The Hotel del Coronado is a luxury hotel in the City of Coronado, just across the San Diego Bay from San Diego, California. It is one of the few surviving examples of an American architectural genre: the wooden Victorian beach resort.
Top 9 Diner Dining in San Diego
Comfort food, breakfast at any time, late-night dining, cheap eats - sometimes you gotta have diner food. Here are my top picks for dining at diners in San Diego.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Kensington
Kensington is an upscale, quiet neighborhood in mid-city San Diego.
Hidden San Diego: The 25th Street Musical Bridge
It's one of the most unique works of public art in San Diego, and it's interactive to boot. The 25th Street Bridge that spans the Martin Luther King Freeway in Golden Hill has a sidewalk rail that is a carillon that can actually be played by pedestrians.
Walking Tour: Downtown Waterfront
A walk along San Diego's scenic Embarcadero is the essence of the city
Frequently Asked Questions About Gay and...
If you're a gay or lesbian couple, what steps must you take to get married in San Diego? Here are the answers.
About San Diego Profle: Beach Alcohol Ban
San Diego's banning of alcohol at beaches and parks took effect on Jan. 15, 2008.
Comic Book Artist Jim Lee is a Super Hero to...
Jim Lee comic book artist, writer and publisher who lives in the San Diego area (La Jolla). Lee is one of the most successful artists in American comics and is the founder and publisher of WildStorm, currently an imprint of DC Comics, and is Co-Publisher of DC Comics.
San Diego's Best Burger Places
San Diego serves up some great hamburgers and even though it might be a personal and subjective choice, here are some generally acknowledged tasty burger joints.
San Diego Profile: Shelter Island
Shelter Island is a popular waterfront recreation area on San Diego Bay, but it isn't really an island but more of an isthmus connected to the mainland.
San Diego Shopping: University Town Center
UTC is a pleasant outdoor mall. Located in the Golden Triangle area (and slated for a refurbishing), it caters to the yuppie/soccer mom crowd.
Neighborhood Hangouts: Shopping in Hillcrest
Here are some suggestions on where to shop in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego.
Pacific Beach Neighborhood Profile
Pacific Beach is one of San Diego's premier party neighborhoods. However, great food and a close proximity to the ocean make it appeal to a variety...
About San Diego Profile: the Footbridges of...
The footbridges found in the San Diego neighborhoods of Hillcrest and Banker's Hill are hidden treasures known only to local residents.
San Diego Profile: Belmont Park and the Giant...
Belmont Park is an old school beachside amusement park featuring a wooden roller coaster in San Diego's Mission Beach.
San Diego's Food Trucks Dishing Up Fine...
Gourmet food trucks are the hottest trend in restaurants, and San Diego is starting to warm up to the idea of fine dining on the sidewalk. Here are the most popular gourmet food trucks in San Diego.
Where to Dine in San Diego: North Park
Looking for a place to eat in the North Park neighborhood? Here are a few suggestions.
San Diego's Favorite Beaches
San Diego County has some of the best and most scenic beaches on the West Coast. Here are some of the most interesting and favorite ones in the region.
San Diego Urban Farming with Livestock...
Many San Diego residents are learning the joys of urban farming and raising livestock like chickens, and goats. San Diego regulation and laws state...
San Diego Holiday and Christmas Light Displays
A partial list of where to view the best Christmas light displays around San Diego County
About San Diego Profile: San Diego-Coronado...
The San Diego-Coronado Bridge spans San Diego Bay and connects San Diego with the city of Coronado and has become one of the regions most recognized landmarks.
Spring Break and Easter in San Diego
Things to do around San Diego during Easter and spring break.
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the San...
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History showcases 200 artifacts retrieved from the wreck site of Titanic.
Freeway Frenzy In San Diego
Although the California freeway system is the best in the country, it's still the cause for many a headache in the land of the automobile. Here's the lowdown on San Diego county's increasingly clogged major highways.
A Guide to Julian Pies
Julian, California is a short drive from San Diego and cooks up some of the best apple pies around. Here is where you can find the best Julian pies...
San Diego's Famous Landmarks
Here are some significant San Diego landmarks that personify San Diego
Hidden San Diego: Old Mission Dam
Old Mission Dam supplied water to the Mission of San Diego de Alcalá. A flume carried water about 5 miles from the dam to the mission grounds. It is located in Mission Trails Regional Park.
Casino Getaway: Barona Valley Resort & Casino
San Diego County's Indian casinos make for great weekend getaways. Here's my review of a recent Casino Getaway at Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino.
About San Diego Profile: the Sprinter Light...
The Sprinter is the east-west light rail system link between Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido in San Diego's North County.
About San Diego Profile: American Idol's...
Jessica Sanchez is an American singer from Chula Vista in San Diego, California. She is currently a Top 2 finalist on the eleventh season of American Idol on FOX.
Scenes from Pacific Beac
Scenes from the boardwalk and pier at Pacific Beach
About San Diego Profile: San Diego Trolley
San Diego Trolley is a light rail public transportation system serving greater San Diego.
Picking Apples in Julian
Apple orchards are scattered throughout the Julian area in San Diego's mountain country.
San Diego's Farmers' Markets: Fresh Is Best
Not only can farmers markets be found almost every day of the week throughout San Diego county, but they’re also a year-round occurrence (ah, the beauty of perfect weather). But it’s during spring and summer when you find the local bumper crops of fruits, vegetables and flowers grown by San Diego and California farmers.
It's Time Kick Off San Diego's Holiday Season...
The Mother Goose Parade is an annual holiday San Diego County tradition and is one of the largest parades in the United States.
Petco Park Peeves
Hyperbole aside, Petco Park is nice, but there leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, here are a few things that make the ballpark fall short of it's claim to be the world's best ballpark.
Top 8 San Diego Summer Family Fun
We're approaching the start of summer time, and families are starting to plan their summer fun in San Diego. Our San Diego Guide points you in the right direction with his top picks for family amusement entertainment.
July 4th in San Diego
Here's a list of things to do for the Fourth of July in San Diego to celebrate America's Independence Day.
Restaurant Review: Sublime Ale House in San...
If rich, gooey, succulent cheese sounds like your thing, then you need to get yourself to Sublime Ale House in San Marcos, CA. Mac and cheese with...
Top 10 Dive Bars in San Diego
Call them dive bars or the corner tavern, San Diego has its share of local hangouts and everyone has their favorite. Here are this guide's choices for top dive bars in San Diego.
Carlsbad Premium Outlets Dining
The Carlsbad Premium Outlets shopping center isn't just a great place to shop 'til you drop, it's also a great place for food. Carlsbad Outlets dining
If It's October, It Must Be Oktoberfest in San...
Yes, even San Diegans celebrate Oktoberfest, and the La Mesa Oktoberfest celebration is one of the largest Oktoberfest celebrations West of the Mississippi.
Shaun White is San Diego's Winter Olympics...
Shaun White is an American professional snowboarder and skateboarder from San Diego. He was a 2006 Winter Olympics gold medal winner
New Year's Eve, San Diego-Style
Here are some suggestions for celebrating New Year's Eve around San Diego County.
Where to Dine in San Diego: Hillcrest
Looking for a place to eat in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood? Here are a few suggestions.
Whale Watching in San Diego (cont.)
San Diego is whale watching territory. Here's the lowdown on seeing these majestic creatures of the sea. Page 2.
About San Diego Image Gallery: Fashion Valley...
The class of San Diego malls, Fashion Valley has arguably the best of the upscale stores. Nordstrom, JC Penney, Macy's, Nieman Marcus and the new Bloomingdale's anchor this well appointed two-level outdoor mall.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Little Italy
Little Italy is San Diego's longtime ethnic neighborhood enclave in the downtown area.
San Diego Shopping: Westfield North County
North County Fair serves the North County bedroom communities. This large, two-level indoor mall has your usual allotment of department stores and shops.
San Diego's dog-friendly places (cont.)
A list San Diego's most popular dog-friendly, off-leash parks, beaches and open spaces toallow your dog to be a dog. Page 2.
Hidden San Diego: Harper's Topiary Garden in...
Harper's Topiary Garden is a public topiary garden in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego.
Homegrown Golfers
San Diego's homegrown golfers: mark o meara junior golf program craig stadler leta lindley dennis paulson
San Diego Walking Tour: Downtown La Mesa
Downtown La Mesa offers a quaint and friendly small town environment, offering a mix of antique shops, restaurants, and business services.
San Diego Bowling Alleys
Bowling in San Diego is alive and well. Here is a list of bowling alleys in San Diego County.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: South Park
South Park is a neighborhood of San Diego, east of Balboa Park and north of Golden Hill.
Bencotto Italian Kitchen in Little Italy, San...
Bencotto Italian Kitchen is one of the newest restaurants in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood and it stands out thanks to delicious cuisine and
Top 7 Big Box Shopping Centers Around San Diego
They're convenient, close to home and pretty much offer everything we need. And for those reasons, they've
San Diego's Best Movie Theaters
Here's a list of San Diego movie theaters that offer a good movie-going experience.
San Diego Neighborhood Profile: Normal Heights
Bookended on the west by University Heights and Kensington on the east, Normal Heights completes the Adams Avenue 'hood trifecta along the main drag.
Wineries in San Diego
You have more options for wineries to visit in San Diego County than you might think. Not just wine bars that offer tastings, but actual wineries that
Ride the Rails of San Diego's Miniature and...
San Diego County is home to several miniature and historic railroads and trains that you can ride.
Hidden San Diego: Queen Califia's Magical...
The only American sculpture garden and the last major international project by artist Niki De Saint Phalle, in Escondido's Kit Carson Park.
San Diego Shopping: Plaza Bonita
Located in the South County area, Plaza Bonita is the Westfield indoor, two-level counterpart to Plaza Camino Real.
Where in San Diego? Real World San Diego Sights
So, where are these places located in San Diego that the cast of Real World San Diego frequented? Here's your guide to the most interesting Real World San Diego Sights.
How to Really Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in San...
Here's a list of Cinco de Mayo events and celebrations happening around San Diego.
Dead Sea Scrolls Brings Ancient Artifacts to...
The Dead Sea Scrolls are indisputably one of the greatest archaeological finds of all time. The San Diego Natural History Museum is the only California destination for the 2007 exhibition and the only venue slated for a six-month showing.
Holy Guacamole! San Diego is Avocado Country
San Diego County produces over 40 percent of the California avocado crop, which in turn produces 95 percent of the nation's avocados.

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